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Generallieutenant Roth von Schreckenstein (Photogrammetry Scan)

This is a scan I did to refine my photogrammetry to VR pipeline after reading the 'Using Photogrammetry' tutorial by the awesome Grzegorz Baran

The dataset I shot consisted of 271 images that were processed on high settings ni Agisoft Photoscan.
This resulted in a 94 million dense cloud and a 34 million poly mesh.
In Zbrush I did the lowpoly projection from a 2 million mid poly, unwrapped the UVs manually in UV Layout, projected and delighted the diffuse texture in Photoscan, did some fixes and additional map baking in Substance Painter and finally rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

The result is a 65k mesh with autogenerated LoDs

Lukas bruess screenshot000

64k mesh with 4k maps

Lukas bruess screenshot006
Lukas bruess screenshot011
Lukas bruess screenshot001
Lukas bruess screenshot010
Lukas bruess screenshot005
Lukas bruess screenshot007
Lukas bruess screenshot008
Lukas bruess screenshot012

Rank, birth and death date of von Schreckenstein

Game ready model in Marmoset Viewer

Lukas bruess ue asset

UE4 Asset View

Lukas bruess ue engine

UE4 Engine View

Lukas bruess reality

The subject in reality

Lukas bruess graycard

Keeping white balance real

Lukas bruess footage

The footage this model was made from

Lukas bruess point cloud 455k

455k point cloud

Lukas bruess dense cloud 94mil

94 million points dense cloud

Lukas bruess mid poly 2 1mil

2.1 million decimated model